Adopt a Tree

Support Shoresh today by adopting a tree at Bela Farm in honour or memory of our community members.  A unique and meaningful way to mark births, b’nei mitzvahs, weddings, graduations, passings, and all other milestones and achievements. 

At Bela Farm, Shoresh is developing a one-hundred acre centre for sustainable, land-based Judaism, just one hour west of Toronto.  With the support of our community, we are undertaking an ambitious twenty-acre reforestation project to maintain and restore important animal habitat; mitigate the harmful effects of excess carbon dioxide and its impact on global climate change; and leave future generations a beautiful native forest that roots our community in our local green spaces.  As well, we are creating a vibrant community orchard of perennial fruit and nut trees and berry bushes, which will serve as a valuable source of food for us and our animal friends.

By adopting trees at Bela Farm, you are investing in a healthier and greener earth, while supporting the creation of a local Jewish communal space that can be visited and enjoyed by your students and their families for years to come.



Adopt a Tree

At Shoresh, we offer a variety of different tree adoptions so that you can honour friends and loved ones.

  • $36 – Adopt a native tree sapling in our Native Reforestation Project at Bela Farm.
  • $72 – Adopt TWO native tree saplings…so they can hang out together!
  • $180 – Adopt a berry bush in our Community Orchard at Bela Farm.
  • $360 – Adopt a nut tree in our Community Orchard at Bela Farm.
  • $540 – Adopt a fruit tree in our community orchard at Bela Farm.

Donate Today!

To adopt a tree, simply click here to donate through  We will send a certificate to your honouree/notification recipient, so please make sure to fill out the form completely including how you are designating your donation, who the gift is honouring, who you would like Shoresh to notify regarding the gift (and their contact information), and any additional message you would like us to include in the notification.

Adopt Lots of Trees!

Interested in adopting multiple trees?  Interested in donating in honour of guests at your simcha and looking for personalized certificates or table cards?

Please contact us at or 416-805-8382 for more information about tree sponsorship packages and options for personalized notifications.



Native Tree Tribute Packages

Shoresh is thrilled to share with you our Native Tree Tribute Packages, an exciting new way for organizations to participate in Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, by adopting native trees at Bela Farm in honour of your community members’ milestones and achievements.  Adopting a tree is a unique and meaningful way to mark births, b’nei mitzvahs, weddings, graduations, and passings.

How it works:

  1. Purchase a package of Native Tree Tribute Certificates.
  2. Have Shoresh issue all the certificates at once: Send us the names of the individuals you are honouring and we will send you personalized certificates for each individual. OR…
    Have Shoresh issue certificates as needed: When you wish for us to send a certificate in honour or memory of a community member, e-mail us their name and mailing address, and Shoresh will send a personalized certificate to the individual or family on your behalf.
  3. Shoresh will record each tree adoption in our Book of Life.


Certificate Packages

10 Native Tree Tribute Certificates ($18 each) $180
20 Native Tree Tribute Certificates ($15 each) $300
30 Native Tree Tribute Certificates ($12 each) $360
50 Native Tree Tribute Certificates ($10 each) $500


For more information, or to order, please contact us at or 416-805-8382.


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