From Your Local Jewish Beekeepers

We are taught that during the month of Elul, the king is in the field. Lucky for Shoresh staff and volunteers, and our honey bees, we are also in the fields during this auspicious time. Elul often falls in late summer/early fall when the bees at Bela Farm are busy gathering nectar from the millions of wildflowers in Shoresh’s Bee Sanctuary and beyond. The forager bees use their long tongues to suck nectar from the flowers and then bring them back to their hives to have their sister bees evaporate the nectar into honey. Once the honey is ripe and ready, Shoresh’s beekeepers lovingly harvest, jar and share this pure liquid gold with thousands of diverse community members who believe that sustainability is a Jewish value.

All of the proceeds from our unpasteurized, kosher honey sales go directly back to the bees as we invest our time and energy into tending their a 20-acre chemical-free, biologically diverse sanctuary for them.

This year, we are thrilled to offer our honey through multiple channels: in-person markets, pre-order picks ups across the GTA and deliveries for orders over $180. Click here for details and hop on over to the Shoresh Shuk to pre-order your honey and other sustainable Rosh Hashanah goodies and gifts today.


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