Month: February 2016

The Shoresh Socialite: Anthony Rose

Shoresh loves chef/restaurateur/yogi  Anthony Rose and all the amazing contributions he’s made to nurturing Jewish food culture in Toronto. We first met him at Beyond Bubbie, an event we co-organized with the Ontario Jewish Archives and the Miles Nadal JCC to

Life with Bees-March

  To help develop and nurture your inner WOW Shoresh will be sharing seasonal tidbits about the lives of our honey bees and what they’re up to at Bela Farm. What do Bela’s Bees do in March? Imagine spending a

Dear Shoresh

Dear Shoresh is our attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions we get from community members. Dear Shoresh,  What is the connection between Judaism and the environment? Many Jewish texts express clear and strong  environmental ethics. In the first chapter

The Shoresh Socialite- Shamu Fenyvesi Sadeh

We spoke with Shamu Fenyvesi Sadeh,  co-founder and director of Adamah: The Jewish Farming Fellowship, a three-month leadership training program for Jewish adults ages 20-32 that integrates organic agriculture, farm-to-table living, Jewish learning, community building, and spiritual practice. Shamu teaches Judaism and ecology, turns

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