Here are a few of the more Frequently Asked Questions we get at Shoresh! If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 416-805-8382.

So, I know that you guys are awesome but what exactly does Shoresh do?

Essentially, we strive to get our community to say “wow” as often as possible. Through deeper awareness and appreciation for the awesomeness of natural world, people are moved and motivated to be better stewards of creation because we only take care of what we love.

Shoresh inspires and empowers our community to take care of the earth by connecting people, land, and Jewish tradition.  Through nature-based Jewish education, healthy food production for vulnerable community members, environmental action, and sustainable Jewish products, we offer community members meaningful opportunities to be responsible stewards of the world around us.

How do you do so much with such a small staff?

Passion, care, connection and love. Shoresh staff are deeply inspired by Jewish wisdom and tradition AND are deeply concerned about the current state of the world and the disconnection between humans and the natural world.  We feel a sense of urgency to mobilize the Jewish community  to become responsible stewards of creation and this is what motivates us to do as much as we can with limited resources.

We have also committed to focusing our energy on three key challenges using a focused and systematic approach to confronting them. For details on our methodology, click here.

Where can I get kosher, organic, ethical meat in Toronto?

Currently, the only supplier of kosher, organic meat in Canada is Montreal-based Tiferet Organics.  Torontonians can order pasture-raised kosher meat from Grow and Behold but have to pick up orders in Buffalo. At present, there is no one in Toronto selling kosher, heritage, pastured meat which we feel are the three components when considering ethical meat from a Jewish perspective.

Do you have a garden downtown?

Yes! We currently run a pollinator garden at The Wolfond Centre and a community garden in a private backyard in Kensington Market.

I work for a community organization and we want to partner on an event with you, how do we do that?

Yes! We love partnering and working with community organizations!  Contact our Director of Engagement, Sabrina Malach at to set something up.

Can you come and teach our congregation about Judaism and the environment?

Yes! We run a variety of awesome, hands-on programs for shuls. Click here for details.


What does Judaism have to do with the environment?

According to us (and the broader Jewish environmental network) everything! For more details, hop on over to The Beet, Shoresh’s blog.

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