Here are a few of the more Frequently Asked Questions we get at Shoresh! If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at or call 416-805-8382.

So, I know that you guys are awesome but what exactly does Shoresh do?

We believe that we will only protect what we love. Essentially, our goal is to inspire our community to fall in love with the earth and Judaism through deep connection and immersive time spent outside.

Shoresh leads, inspires and empowers our community to become shomrei adamah, protectors of the earth. Integrating awareness, action, and advocacy, Shoresh’s programs and initiatives demonstrate that sustainability is a Jewish value and offer community members meaningful opportunities to be responsible stewards of the natural world.

What does Judaism have to do with the environment?

According to us (and the broder Jewish Outdoor, Food, Farming and Environmental Education (JOFEE) network), everything! For more details, hop on over to The Beet, Shoresh’s blog and to the JOFEE website.

How do you do so much with such a small staff?

Passion, care, connection and love. Shoresh staff are deeply inspired by Jewish wisdom and tradition AND are deeply concerned about the current state of the world and the disconnection between humans and the natural world.  We feel a sense of urgency to mobilize the Jewish community  to become responsible stewards of creation and this is what motivates us to do as much as we can with limited resources.

In 2019, we created our Theory of Change which outlines our unique, practical and effective approach to culture change. Check it out here.

Your honey is known to be the sweetest honey in town. Is it kosher? 

Yes!  Shoresh’s Bela’s Bees Raw Honey is 100% pure and unpasteurized and therefore does not require kosher certification.  AND here is a Letter of Endorsement from our friends at the Kashruth Council of Canada.

Shoresh is so amazing! Can you come to my shul, school, community to share your pedagogy and programming?

Yes! We run a variety of awesome, hands-on nature-based Jewish programming for community groups.  Click here for details about our group programs or email for more information.

I am so concerned about climate change and want to get involved in advocacy and action. How can I plug into the climate action work you are doing?

Shoresh takes a diverse approach to responding to the climate crisis. From planting 10,000 trees at Bela Farm to hosting debates and forming a Jewish Climate Action Roundtable group, we are committed to co-creating the Jewish voice for climate action in the GTA. To learn more visit Dayenu and the Jewish Climate Action Network and to get involved with Shoresh’s actions email

Where can I get kosher, organic, ethical meat in Toronto?

Currently, the only supplier of kosher, organic meat in Canada is Montreal-based Tiferet Organics.  Torontonians can order pasture-raised kosher meat from Grow and Behold but have to pick up orders in Buffalo or online from Kol Foods.

What are your policies and protocals around Covid-19?
As of March 2022, we are following the city of Toronto’s guidelines for after school programs and will update you if there are any changes. We are grateful for your support and patience as we work together to keep our community healthy and safe, at the same time as continuing our educational programs.

For the Shoresh Outdoor School protocols, click here.

For Camp Shoresh protocols, click here.

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