Introducing Shoresh

Through nature-based Jewish education, Shoresh leads, inspires, and empowers our community to be Shomrei Adamah, protectors of the earth.


Shoresh leads, inspires, and empowers our community in being and becoming Shomrei Adamah, through Jewish Nature Connection. 


A local Jewish community that is connected to the Earth, to Jewish traditions, and to each other.

What do we mean by Shomrei Adamah?  

The Hebrew word Adamah means Earth and expresses the inextricable relationship between humans (adam) and Earth (adamah). The Hebrew word Shomer has many translations, including one who observes, guards, cares for, and protects.  Acting as Shomrei Adamah means living up to our responsibilities within relationships, with the land, water, plants, and animals, including other human beings.  It is a “path to walk”/”way of being” (halacha) we continuously recommit to. 


As a Jewish organization, we ground our work in Jewish teachings and ethics.  The following are the core principles that ground and guide our programs, ventures, and working processes:

  • Mah Rabu. Hold a sense of radical amazement for the natural world.  

  • L’ovdah u’l’shomrah. Live up to our responsibilities in relation to the earth.

  • Lo Alecha…VeLo Atah. Remember the work is not ours to complete alone and that we need everyone, because we each have a unique role.  

  • Kehilah. Create inclusive, interconnected community that is in relationship with the Earth and Jewish tradition. 

1.  Ma Rabu Maasecha Hashem. Kulam Bechachmah Asita. Malah Haaretz Kinyanecha. How diverse are your creations, Hashem. With wisdom you have made them. The earth is full of your creations.  –  Psalms 104:24

2.  Vyikach Elohim et haAdam veyanichechu beGan Eden l’ovdah u’l’shomrah. Elohim placed the human in the Garden of Eden, to honour and tend it. – Bereshit 2:15

3. Lo alecha hamalacha ligmor ve lo atah ben chorin lehivatel mimeno. It is not upon you to complete the work and neither are you free to desist from it. – Pirkei Avot 2:16

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