Our Team

Tiferet Nashman, Acting Director
Tiferet is a Jewish environmental educator and community builder. She holds a Masters in Education and a B.A. in Diaspora and Transnational Studies with a focus on relationships between diasporic and indigenous communities. Tiferet completed the Wild Deer wilderness skills training, and is a recipient of the David Suzuki Award for environmental educators. She has worked with the TDSB,  the Toronto Parks Forestry and Recreation Department, the University of Toronto’s Multifaith Centre and is founding resident of Moishe Pod Toronto. Tiferet’s life has been woven with Shoresh since its inception and she is thrilled to be serving as Co-Director. Tiferet’s favourite vegetables are carrots!

Sabrina Malach, Director of Engagement
Sabrina began working with Shoresh in 2011 after spending six years working and volunteering in the Jewish Food Movement in New York and Israel. She participated in the Adamah in 2005, studied at the Eco-Activist Beit Midrash in Jerusalem in 2006, and worked with Hazon from 2006-2007.  Upon returning to Toronto, Sabrina got an MES from York University with a focus on pollinator protection in urban centres.  In 2010, Sabrina was awarded the Canadian Pollinator Advocacy Award from the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign.  Sabrina is a new mom, Shoresh’s resident beekeeper and her favourite vegetable is broccoli.

Tamar Goldberg, Interim Managing Director
Tamar Goldberg is a talmud-toting tree hugger. Her work in trees in Toronto’s public and private sector and her years of experience leading canoe trips for Camp Ramah have led her to the inevitable conclusion that the best place to be is outside. Tamar has studied in many institutions of Jewish learning, including TanenbaumCHAT, Associated Hebrew Schools, Pardes, BASE, and Urban Adamah. She draws on her diverse experiences in the Jewish and natural world to help others to become students of the wilderness. As a founding resident of Moishe Pod Toronto, she is dedicated to creating and facilitating Jewish community gatherings focused on ritual, song, and nature connection, with the ultimate goal of building a just society.

Mira Ellis in the garden.Ellis Goldstein, Primary Lead Educator
After graduating from York University with a B.A. in Psychology, Ellis participated in the Adamah Jewish farming fellowship in Connecticut in 2018. They are a justice-oriented Queer Jewish community organizer, a previous resident at Moishe House Toronto, and co-founder of Eshel Toronto. Prior  to joining Shoresh, they worked and learned at Jewish day camps and Synagogue children’s programs across Toronto. They are passionate about accessible, inclusive, and fun Jewish education. When not exploring the ravine systems with children, Ellis can be found growing plants, studying Torah, organizing liberatory community events, or dreaming about mycelium.

Iris Benedikt, Lead Educator
Iris is an artist educator who enjoys using imagination to artfully uncover mysteries of the land alongside youth. She studied Studio Arts with a minor in geography and went on to earn her Bachelor of Education and is a certified teacher. Iris prioritizes youth empowerment and critical thinking in her facilitation practice, and has worked as an outdoor educator, a social justice Jewish educator and a visual art instructor. She has been involved with Shoresh since its inception and was the first to have a Shoresh b’nei mitzvah! Iris’s Jewish identity is intimately rooted in  working towards a world with less hierarchy and more solidarity. When Iris is not at Shoresh, she is doing art, exploring nature, and as for vegetable favourites, she thinks radishes are rad.

Paul Kitz, Outdoor Educator – Yesod Mentor
Paul has always been drawn to big questions — Where does Truth lie? How can I grow more intimate with life? How can we, collectively, live in a way that honours the dignity of life in ourselves and others? What does healing look like? These questions have taken Paul into politics, the wilderness, and on a meandering spiritual journey that has included being ba’al teshuvah, leaving Judaism, and connecting with teachers from various traditions before reconnecting with Judaism through family, lineage and ancestry. Paul finds much joy, connection and purpose spending time with young people. He is a Child and Youth Care Practitioner that has worked with individuals and groups from family homes to summer camps, ballet schools to hospices. He is blessed to currently work in a mentorship role with people of all ages in the context of nature, and is excited to support B’nei Mitzvahs living into their own big questions at such a potent time in their lives.

Josh Kleinberg, Program Associate
Josh began volunteering for Shoresh in May 2018 at the Kavanah Garden. He enjoys carpentry and has built numerous projects including cutting boards, trays, desks and shelving units. Josh built Shoresh’s solar beeswax melter for Bela Farm, among other things. In 2021, Josh completed a beekeeping course through the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association. He was a recipient of a volunteer recognition award for his contributions to Shoresh. Josh is passionate about his work at Shoresh as he enjoys learning about nature in a hands-on way. Outside of Shoresh, you can find Josh riding his bike or enjoying a slice of pizza. Josh’s favourite vegetable is the potato.

Alex Friedman, E-Commerce Coordinator
Alex has a BA in Religion from Concordia University and recently completed a Web Development Bootcamp at Juno College of Technology. Her professional background is in retail e-commerce, sexuality education, and the arts. Alex is passionate about creating inclusive, accessible, and efficient work environments, and is thrilled to bring her skills and experience to Shoresh. She loves learning new Yiddish words and is grateful for Lactaid pills. Her favourite vegetable is zucchini.

Ishai Buchbinder, Outdoor Educator

Ishai is an environmental educator, father, theatre artist, and serial hobby haver. After beginning his career creating immersive theatrical experiences, Ishai realized the experience of being in the forest was the most fantastical immersion possible, so he decided to become an outdoor educator. Ishai’s Jewish identity connects him to his ancestors, his friends, and creates a form for weekly family spiritual practice with his Jewish/Quaker family. At Shoresh, Ishai is excited to learn to connect his love for the forest with Jewish understanding and practice. Though he will not choose a single favourite, Ishai’s most recent ecstatic vegetable eating experience was a rutabaga from his brother’s farm.

Jonathan Brown Gilbert, Outdoor Educator
Jon loves going on canoe trips, singing old Yiddish folk songs, and riding around the city on his electric cargo bike. He is excited about building community at the intersection of Jewish culture and environmental sustainability. Jon has a B.A. in Contemporary Studies & Gender and Women’s Studies from the University of King’s College and an M.A. in Comparative Literature & Jewish Studies from the University of Toronto.  He has studied at the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA and has explored progressive Yiddish culture with the United Jewish People’s Order. Jon is currently applying to teachers’ college. He believes strongly in education as a tool for community-building and social change and can’t wait to bring that enthusiasm to his work with Shoresh.

Allie Shier, Co-Director (Operations)
Currently on parental leave.
Allie is a social and eco-justice advocate and loves spending her spare time crafting, hiking, canoeing, gardening, and baking sourdough bread. She has an MSc in Human Rights from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and has dedicated her work to empowering youth, refugees, and women in Canada and internationally. Recently, she coordinated a national resettlement program for Government Assisted Refugees at the YMCA of Greater Toronto and worked with women in India at RangSutra Crafts through the Aga Khan Foundation. Allie favourite vegetables are beets and cauliflower.

Risa Alyson Cooper, Founder of Shoresh
Risa is an outdoor educator, environmentalist, and urban homesteader. For 13 years, she served as the Founding Executive Director of Shoresh, grateful for the endless opportunities Shoresh offers to explore Jewish traditions in the fields and forests of southern Ontario.  After proudly celebrating Shoresh’s B’nei Mitzvah, Risa retired from the organization in 2021.  Her favourite vegetable is the beet.


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