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Becoming a Shomeret Adamah: A Costa Rica farm 

By Sahara Schecter, Age 10 I wanted to share what I have been doing this past week because I felt really connected to Shoresh.  When I heard Shoresh was looking for travel blog posts I knew exactly what to write

Our Top Ten Accomplishments of the Decade

2018 marks our 10th anniversary and we are overflowing with pride and joy over all of our accomplishments! Our theme of the year is the Power of Many because everything we do at Shoresh is done with community members and

Why take Jewish Education Outdoors? 

Bringing Jewish education outdoors has many benefits! Here are our top 4: 1. To make Jewish learning more engaging and relevant Imagine spending all day in school and then spending another few hours in a classroom as your only exposure

Sharing Our Vision

This post is an excerpt from Risa Alyson Cooper’s vision sharing at The Bela Farm Grand Opening on June 26, 2016. Bruchim ha’baim!  Welcome again!  We’ve arrived at Dina’s Tent, named for the only daughter mentioned in the Torah of

Bela Farm Grand Opening

Bela Farm Grand Opening Opening Remarks by Risa Alyson Cooper Sunday, June 26, 2016 B’ruchim ha’baim.  Welcome friends.  My name is Risa Alyson Cooper, I am one of the Directors of Shoresh, and it is my deep honour and privilege

The Shoresh Socialite- Shamu Fenyvesi Sadeh

We spoke with Shamu Fenyvesi Sadeh,  co-founder and director of Adamah: The Jewish Farming Fellowship, a three-month leadership training program for Jewish adults ages 20-32 that integrates organic agriculture, farm-to-table living, Jewish learning, community building, and spiritual practice. Shamu teaches Judaism and ecology, turns

What’s growing at Shoresh?

Garlic, Allium sativum Yiddish: קנאָבל (knobl) Hebrew:   שׁוּם (shoom) It’s mid-January in Ontario and while it’s a mild winter (thank you El Nino and climate change) it appears that nothing is growing in our gardens.  But things are not always as

It Takes a Community to Feed Our Community

“When you are asked in the world to come, “What was your work?” and you answer, “I fed the hungry,” you will be told, “This is the gate of Hashem, enter into it, you who have fed the hungry.” Midrash

It Takes A Community to Launch a Farm

We’re having a REALLY big event in a two weeks! Organizing Taking Root: Stories to Ground and Inspire Us All has taken many hours, minds and hands to make happen. Like our garden and farm projects as well as family

Taking Root at Bela Farm

  After three years of intensive dreaming, visioning, mapping and planning, we are ready to reveal our 7-year plan for developing Shoresh’s programs and ventures at Bela Farm, a new centre for sustainable, land-based Judaism in rural Ontario!!!!! Our intention is

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