Why take Jewish Education Outdoors? 

Bringing Jewish education outdoors has many benefits! Here are our top 4:

1. To make Jewish learning more engaging and relevant
Imagine spending all day in school and then spending another few hours in a classroom as your only exposure to Judaism. Wouldn’t you rather get to spend time outdoors, learn through hands-on activities, and have your Jewish identity grounded in a sense of awe and wonder for the natural world? 

2. To foster a love of nature 
Imagine spending almost all of your time indoors, disconnected from the natural world. Wouldn’t you rather have opportunities to notice and care for the creatures, plants and elements around us? 

3. To encourage a healthy lifestyle 
Imagine sitting at your desk through the school day and sitting in front of a screen all afternoon. Wouldn’t your rather have an opportunity to run through the forest, breath in fresh air, and nourish yourself with healthy, organic food you’ve grown?  

4. To nurture creativity and imagination 
Imagine being limited being  in your learning to what a textbook can provide and what is possible in a classroom. Wouldn’t you rather be free to explore outdoors, make your own connections and creations, and strengthen what you’re learning with your own imaginative flair?

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