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Jewish Farmers of Ontario Unite!

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the city to live the farm dream? Do you love local food? Long drives through the country side?  If so, join us at Garlic, Goats, and Going Rural: Three Stories of Farming Through a Jewish

Taking Jewish Education Outside

Now in it’s 3rd season, the Shoresh Outdoor School (SOS) offers a unique, meaningful and refreshing approach to Jewish education for 21st century families. As our kids spend more time sedentary and on screens then climbing trees and looking for

Gratitude for a Sit Spot

By: Chava Tal, Shoresh Youth and Family Program Coordinater, 2018 I try to practice a sit spot everyday. Sit spots offer opportunity to slow down thoughts in a busy day, to mindfully use all of your senses, and to address

The Power of Many

It takes a village to fulfill our mission to inspire our community to act as responsible stewards of the earth by nurturing a sense of awe and connection through Jewish experiential education and action. From planting a bee sanctuary at

Reflections on the Spring 2018 Shoresh Outdoor School

Written by Shoresh Educator Niki Sos After six amazing weeks, the Shoresh Outdoor School has come to a close! We had an amazing time both our Kavanah Garden and Cedarvale locations. The kids finished by earning their outdoor cooking and

The Hills (of Hillsburgh) Are Alive

It’s been three years since we had our epic grand opening at Bela Farm, our rural home for sustainable, land-based Judaism. Since then we’ve developed our apiary and planted 11,000 trees and 4-acres of native wildflowers to nurture the local

Garden Like a Mensch

While many of us do not SEE hunger or poverty, it is a sad and growing reality within the Jewish community and beyond. Did you know that: 57,195 Canadian Jews live below the poverty line (14.6% of Jews living in

Our Top 10 in 2018

Did you know that 2018 marks our 10-year birthday celebration!???? Happy birthday to us! We’ve got some fabulous programming lined up to celebrate this very special year and hope you will join in the fun, celebration and healing of our

This Is How We Do It

We are on a mission to inspire and empower our community to take care of the earth by connecting people, land, and Jewish tradition.  This is no small feat. How does a small, grassroots organization implement such a lofty goal?

Happy Birthday to You, Trees!

“If not for the trees, human life could not exist.” Midrash Sifre to Deuteronomy 20:18 Tu Bi Shvat is the new year for trees. This ancient celebration has changed and evolved over time but is perhaps more significant now then ever

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