Month: April 2019

Our Number One Way to Save the Bees

If you know anything about Shoresh, you know we love pollinators and especially, bees. A lot. We love the pollinators so much that we’ve dedicated a lot of our programming,  events, garden spaces AND 20-acres of Bela Farm to supporting

Jewish Farmers of Ontario Unite!

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the city to live the farm dream? Do you love local food? Long drives through the country side?  If so, join us at Garlic, Goats, and Going Rural: Three Stories of Farming Through a Jewish

Saving the Bees for My Bat Mitzvah

We caught up with Dani Zeiler, a local great 8 student who has decided to share some of her Bat Mitzvah gifts with Shoresh. Dani has an awesome older sister and the most adorable fluffy dog.  Dani loves her family,

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