Month: March 2022

A Matzah Cover with a Story

As Jews, we are commanded not to destroy or waste anything through the commandment of bal tashchit. One area that we really need to look at is how we use, waste and dispose of textiles. Once upon a time, people

Becoming a Shomeret Adamah: A Costa Rica farm 

By Sahara Schecter, Age 10 I wanted to share what I have been doing this past week because I felt really connected to Shoresh.  When I heard Shoresh was looking for travel blog posts I knew exactly what to write

How can I be a Shomeret Adamah?

Hello! We are Mike and Laurenn Schecter. We are full time traveling with our 3 kids for 1 year (maybe more), first all across Canada and currently throughout Central and South America. We have been in the Shoresh family since it’s

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