Month: May 2021

Radical Giving: Lessons from David Pinkus, Z”L

  Written by Sabrina Malach Shoresh is an ecosystem. We operate as an interconnected web of diverse community members who understand that Jewish values are environmental values and strive to live according to that understanding. Today, I would like to honour

Some cool nature resources on the internet!

  Here is a collection of various nature-based activities, online and offline resources, and learning tools we are excited about lately!  Fun Videos:      Make delicious and brilliant pink lemonade using wildflowers and then learn how to turn purple water GREEN! using amazing colour-changing violet syrup with this quick video from

Hive Heroes: Talli and Bee Kind Organics

  By: Tamara Waserman Hive Heroes are the awesome folks in our community who educate, inspire, and empower us to be Shomrei Adamah, Protectors of the Earth, and Shomrei Devorim, Protectors of the Bees. This week, we are featuring Talli,

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