Becoming a Shomeret Adamah: A Costa Rica farm 

By Sahara Schecter, Age 10

I wanted to share what I have been doing this past week because I felt really connected to Shoresh. 

When I heard Shoresh was looking for travel blog posts I knew exactly what to write about! I have been travelling with my family since August 2021. I have been in Costa Rica for about 3 months!! 

I have seen so many amazing wild animals. I have been immersed in nature and I’m loving it. Last week I got to wake up at 7:30 and rush out the door to go to a community farm camp with kids from all over the world. 

At camp there were chickens, dogs, donkeys, oxen, cows, pigs, bulls, monkeys, goats, and horses!!!! In the morning I fed the chickens that were just randomly walking around. 

Then we went into the chicken coop and got the eggs. They were so warm!!! During free time I loved to pet the donkey Igor. He’s so soft. At lunch I got to feed the horses my apple. (I don’t know if you know but horses love apples). I also got to go horse back riding, which was my favourite part and super fun!!!!!! 

So, can you guess why this experience made me feel connected to Shoresh and want to write about it? You name it: interacting with animals, being with nature, living and learning about farm life, learning the importance of farm to table eating and last but not least having a great time doing it. 

I hope to continue having more experiences with nature in other parts of the world. I am headed to South America next and I will tell about all it when I get there! Im super exited to see the Alpacas!!!!                                                                  

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