The Shoresh Socialite: Anthony Rose

Shoresh loves chef/restaurateur/yogi  Anthony Rose and all the amazing contributions he’s made to nurturing Jewish food culture in Toronto. We first met him at Beyond Bubbie, an event we co-organized with the Ontario Jewish Archives and the Miles Nadal JCC to celebrate  Toronto’s rich and diverse food traditions and the shared tradition of learning recipes from your grandmother, where he spoke about the influence his mother and granmother had on his cooking. We reconnected with Anthony again in 2015 at Taking Root where he shared his unique approach to connecting Jewish culture with food.

We caught up with Toronto’s King of Dupont to get the scoop on what he loves about Jewish comfort food and why he’s excited about the bees at Bela Farm.


Anthony Rose sharing stories about Jewish food and culture at Shoreh’s Taking Root, our event to launch Bela Farm.

What does it mean to eat Jewishly in a contemporary Canadian context?
Smothered in maple syrup with Whiskey and fire. Use the local goodness to embelish on the traditions.  

What is your favourite Jewish food that can integrate local food?
Kishke made with Sourdough from Thuet Bakery, gives it that little extra oomph.

Who are you favourite local farmers?
Anything that comes out of Pristine Gourmet foods, I especially love there vinegars and Cranberry Beans. Year Round.

What is your ultimate comfort food?
My mother’s brisket smothered in Onions. Year Round.

What’s your favourite bagel option at Shmaltz?
The Schmaltzy for sure for sure. Chopped liver and onions, hard cooked egg, sour pickles and Gribenes.

What excites you about Shoresh and the work we are doing at Bela Farm?
I love Shoresh’s honey and am really looking forward to selling it at Shmaltz this year. 


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