The Shoresh Team is Growing!


Introducing Jodi Katzeff-Klein, our new Managing Director. We caught up with Jodi last week to get to know her better and to introduce you to her.

What did you do before working for Shoresh?

I am grateful to say that I have worked in the Canadian Jewish community for over 10 years holding positions at: Canadian Young Judea, Canada Israel Experience, The Bronfman Israel Experience Centre in Montreal and The House. My most recent role was Managing Director of The House, an organization dedicated to Young Jewish adults that provide educational programming through a Jewish lens. This role really allowed me to grow as a professional and connected me to the Greater Toronto community. It also gave me an understanding of the needs and requirements of a Jewish non -profit and trained me to understand fundraising and donor management.  Over the past few years, I have also had the incredible opportunity of leading hundreds of young adults through meaningful experiences on trips that included Birthright, Westcoast and the March of The Living.

What are you excited about regarding working with Shoresh?

I am very excited to be part of dynamic, hardworking team that I know will not only create a warm working environment but will also expand my knowledge about the Jewish connection to environmental stewardship. I am looking forward to contributing to the vision and goals of Shoresh and ensuring its stability and growth for the future. And lastly, I am really excited to jump in and get my hands dirty both literally and figuratively.

Why do you think the Jewish community should take action to become more responsible stewards of the earth?

I am very big believer in Hadracha B’Dugma (lead by example) and as Jews, we have a duty to lead and be a light unto the nation. This phrase is not just a nice thought, but there is real action and work to be done in order to bring it to life and make it true and impactful. Environmental care and stewardship is not a new idea for the Jewish people as the Torah has many sources to describe the responsibility that we have to the earth. I have always been taught that the Torah is the blueprint on how we should live our lives. The words and sources about being responsible stewards of the earth are then real instructions to how we should be acting and living now. It is our responsibility as both human beings and Jews.

What is your favorite vegetable?

My favorite veggie is definitely spinach. I love it raw or cooked but especially sautéed with cheese in pie/bureka format. Hmmmmmm

What makes you say “wow”?

Here are a few things that tend to make me stop, take a moment, breathe and be grateful:

  • A clear, bright sunrise or sunset overlooking a beautiful natural setting.
  • Watching my son and husband interact, they are so adorable, loving and very similar
  • A delicious meal (most likely involving spinach)
  • People watching …I love seeing how we are so different and so alike at the same time.



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