Top Ten Reasons to Come to Taking Root in 2020

Our lives depend on trees for oxygen, beauty, habitat, food, medicine, shelter, climate stability, shelter and so much more. To show our gratitude to the trees, we’re having a party for Tu Bi’Shevat!  Mark your calendars for Taking Root: Planting for the Future happening on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 at Eglinton West Gallery at 7:00 pm.

Here are ten reasons why you want to get your tickets today.

  1. Celebrate the natural world and all the blessings trees give us!
    Every year, Jews around the world celebrate the trees by giving them a birthday. This year, we’re having a party to show our gratitude.
  2. Enjoy Toronto’s kindest food:
    Experience the kind food revolution and nurture your body with dozens of our city’s most creative and generous food purveyors who are donating and serving an array of plant-based goodness all evening long at their own food stations.
  3. Make a l’chaim with Toronto’s best bubbly beverages:
    Whether your drink of choice is kombucha or craft beer, we’ve got an incredible group of drink sponsors who will keep us happily hydrated including the first-ever tasting of Shoresh’s honey beer!
  4. Gorgeous Venue:
    Spend the evening in the beautiful, spacious and brand new Eglinton West Gallery (our incredible venue sponsors).
  5. Build and nurture our growing community:
    Over the last 11 years, we have co-created a diverse and dynamic community of shomrei adamah, protectors of the earth. Come and meet your people and get inspired and motivated to give back to the earth that gives us so much.
  6. Get a high dose of Vitamin H (hope):
    With the bombardment of bad news, give yourself and your friends the gift of a joyful evening filled with good news and hope for the future.
  7. Invest in the trees:
    In 2019-2020, climate change has wreaked havoc on millions of trees in the Amazon, Africa and Australia. Help re-balance the system by coming to Taking Root. Proceeds from the event will be invested in maintaining and protecting the 11,000 trees we’ve planted at Bela Farm.
  8. Surround yourself with 450 awesome people:
    Shoresh has a diverse and inspiring community. Network, shmooze and connect with our friends.
  9. Have fun:
    We all know that February in Toronto can be a tough time. Join us in joy, celebration and community to lift up any February blues you might have and fill you with joy and hope to carry into the remaining winter months.
  10. Invest in our community and a better world:
    100% of the proceeds from Taking Root go towards supporting our work inspiring and empowering our community to be Shomrei Adamah, protectors of the earth.  

Get your tickets TODAY!

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