This Is How We Do It

We are on a mission to inspire and empower our community to take care of the earth by connecting people, land, and Jewish tradition.  This is no small feat.

How does a small, grassroots organization implement such a lofty goal?

Focussing on implementing the following activities, we offer community members meaningful opportunities to be responsible stewards of the world around us:

Nature-Based Jewish Education. Working with schools, shuls, camps, and community organizations, our hands-on programs at Kavanah Garden, Bela Farm, and in the community elicit experiences of awe in response to the wonders of the natural world, and teach paricipants how we can be shomrei adamah (protectors of the earth).

Tzedakah from the Ground Up. Shoresh has developed a unique multi-faceted approach to the Jewish value of tzedek (justice).We grow local, organic produce for vulnerable community members, and provide training for at-risk community members to grow their own food so that they are empowered to be more resilient, food secure, and healthy.

Environmental Action. At Shoresh, we put our Jewish environmental values into pracice! At Bela Farm we are planing a 20-acre Forest for the Future, and are stewarding a 4-acre bee sanctuary for our pollinator friends. We are also creating and maintaining pollinator garden spaces at Kavanah Garden, the Wolfond Centre, and throughout the GTA.

Sustainable Products.  Bring the abundance of OUR fields to YOUR tables! From honey for Rosh Hashanah to beeswax Chanukah candles, we have sustainably-made products for your family`s holiday celebrations throughout the Jewish year!




Serving the communities of Southern Ontario, Shoresh operates out of the Kavanah Garden in Vaughan, Bela Farm in Hillsburg, Maxie’s Garden in Kensington Market, and through schools, synagogues, camps, and community organizations throughout the Greater Toronto Area.  Grounded in Canadian soil, Shoresh gets community members back to their Jewish roots!


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