Our Top 10 in 2018

Did you know that 2018 marks our 10-year birthday celebration!???? Happy birthday to us! We’ve got some fabulous programming lined up to celebrate this very special year and hope you will join in the fun, celebration and healing of our planet.



Here are the top 10-ways to celebrate our milestone into double digits:

  1. Come to Bela Farm!
    We’re building Beit Shoresh, nurturing our trees and growing our bee sanctuary! Join us at one of our stewardship weeks to deepen your roots at Bela Farm.
  2. Join our Tzedakah Garden Crew!
    Grow like a mensch! This year we’re launching a new weekly volunteer program at the Kavanah Garden for adults who want to learn how to grow food organically while getting mitzvah points for giving it all away.
  3. Help us Grow Taking Root.
    Taking Root, our annual fundraiser fuels all of our programs. Join one of our committees and help make Taking Root 2018 EPIC!
  4. Get Your Hands Sticky.
    Join in the sweet, sticky and spiritual process of harvesting honey at Bela Farm this August.
  5. Become a Pollinator-Saver!
    With support from TD Friends of the Environment, we will be running 4 Pollinator Garden workshops at the Kavanah Garden! Come for one or come for all and join in the necessary efforts to save the pollinators.
  6. Plant a Tree!
    Join our massive reforestation efforts at Bela Farm by sponsoring a tree and come show the tree your love during one of our stewardship weeks.
  7. Feed the Bees!
    Our bees need your love! Donate today to help us scale up our 4-acre pollinator habitat into a 20-acre sanctuary.
  8. Grow our Community!
    Everyone can use more Vitamin N (nature). Bring your friends and family to our events so we can be better together.
  9. Sign Your Kids up for the Shoresh Outdoor School!
    Invest in the next generation of Jewish environmental leaders and fight screentime by sending your kids to our awesome after-school program now in 2 locations!
  10. Help us Grow for 10 More Years!
    Support our efforts to repair the world by investing in Shoresh, our Jewish response to environmental crisis. 

To learn more about how you can get involved, email sabrina@shoresh.ca.

Shoresh is only as strong as our diverse and committed network. We are truly better together and thrive from the power of many-this includes you! With this in mind, we’d like to wish us all a happy birthday!

© 2018 Shoresh.