Yom Manual Labour

Yesterday we celebrated Yom Manual Labor at the Garden. Twenty eager workers came out to prepare the garden for the season. We assembled ten new raised beds, tilled the soil, pulled out some weeds, picked up garbage, turned the compost, fixed the shed and put up our beautiful new sign!

Ruvena, 2010 Kavanah Garden Intern, helped build our unnamed Scarecrow last year an placed him in the garden yesterday. We are accepting names for him. Cast your vote/suggestion here.

J Scott MacIvor, PhD Candidate at York University is conducting innovative research about native pollinators at the Kavanah Garden. For details on his project, visit http://www.tobee.ca/.

Meet our 2011 Interns: Jenny and Bronwyn. Welcome to the team ladies!

Alice meets a millipede.

Weeding, tilling, preparing, oh my!

Thank you to Transtek Graphic Systems for donating this wonderful sign to the garden!

Preparing last years in ground beds for our new raised beds.

Wind swept through the garden and lifted up our shed!
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