The Wandering Jews Are Looking to Root Down

We recently submitted an application to the Six Points Jewish Venture Philanthropy Fund. The Fund did a call to visionaries in the Toronto Jewish community asking for their next big idea that would move the community forward.
In our application, we asked for support to help find a permanent home for the Kavanah Garden. UJA Federation generously donated the Garden’s current land to us for 3-5 years. Now, in our third year, we have to make a plan to move somewhere else.
As organic gardeners, we spend a lot of time building and strengthening the soil so that our crops can flourish without the synthetic fertilizers. It is therefore very important that we find land that we can stay on for a long period of time and build the soil up over generations.
We hope you enjoy our video. You can view it below or by clicking here:
If you or anyone you know might want to be involved in helping us root down, please be in touch.
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