Measuring Our Impact

In life, it is often challenging to measure the impact of our actions. Did it really make a difference that I held the door open for that woman? Did my smile brighten someone’s day? Did the Shoresh Food Conference really begin to transform the way members of our community think about their food choices? Most of the time, we can only assume that our good deeds bring more goodness into the world. Other times, we get tangible feedback that shows us that our work is really making a difference.

Today we received this amazing email from a Food Conference participant. We hope it makes you as smiley as it made us at the Shoresh Headquarters:

“After the food conference my wife and I decided that by Pesach we would have chickens for our back yard. After many conversations with T.O Chickens on the in’s and outs of raising chickens, this past Monday the first day of Chol Ha’moed, my family traveled 2 hours outside of Toronto to a small family farm and each of my children selected their own chicken.

Over Chol Ha’moed all of the kids on our block (approx. 100) came over feeding the chickens matzah and playing with them. I overheard one of the children saying to another child “dogs and cats are boring, chickens are cool”

Thank you shoresh for having this conference, it has really affected our family for the good.

All the blessings….

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