Black Lives Matter

Tzedek Tzedek Tirdof / Justice, justice, you shall pursue – Deuteronomy 16:20

This is one of the core Jewish teachings in which Shoresh grounds our spaces and programs. The Torah teaches us that justice must be actively sought, for our planet and all who live and grow upon it.

As an organization that is deeply committed to justice, we are deeply saddened and angered by the pervasive systemic violence perpetrated against Black, Indigeous, and People of Colour. Shoresh stands in solidarity with our friends in the Black community in Toronto, the rest of Canada, and in the United States in speaking up, showing up, and taking meaningful action to oppose all forms of racism and discrimination. We pledge to dedicate critical thought, reflection, and resources toward the pursuit of justice, today and every day. #BlackLivesMatter

Shoresh advocates for inclusive and intersectional environmentalism. This means that as active members of the Jewish environmental justice movement, we acknowledge how the human treatment of our planet is intricately connected to systemic racism. Disadvantaged groups have less access to resources and healthy food, more exposure to environmental risks, and less power to change their situation. We acknowledge the intersectional nature of the climate crisis, and how the exploitation and unequal distribution of resources leave communities of colour more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Shoresh is committed to amplifying the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour farmers and environmentalists. Please see below for a list of some environmentalists and organizations, as well as resources to check out.

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Black Farmers, Environmentalists, and Organizations

Soul Fire Farm
Black Earth Farms
Sundance Harvest Farm
Nate Looney@nategrows

Books and Articles

‘Farming While Black’ by Leah Penniman
‘Believe Us’: Black Jews Respond to the George Floyd Protests, in Their Own Words 
Jews of Color and the Policing of White Space
What Non-Black Jews can do to Combat Anti-Racism


FoodShare Toronto is working with more than 50 frontline agencies to ensure that Canadians who are facing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic are getting access to good food. It says that in Canada, Black households are 3.56 times more likely to be food insecure than white households. Your donation will go toward providing emergency food relief to vulnerable communities.

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