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Why I Give

RYAN STORM: SAVING THE BEES FROM THE BIMA He’s only in high school, but Ryan Storm has already done so much incredible work to promote clean, sustainable eating and help preserve the environment. On his blog, Ry’s Ratings, he posts


Community members have shared some really kind words about Shoresh and our programs!  Here are some of the smiley notes we have received: ABOUT KAVANAH GARDEN PROGRAMS “The Kavanah Garden is a place that brings the words of Torah to

Chanukah and Energy Conservation

By guest blogger, Zachary Sadowski December 3, 2014 The holiday of Chanukah is intrinsically linked to the idea of energy consumption and conservation. Everyone knows the basic idea of the story: many, many years ago a jug of oil thought

Moving Forward with the Kosher Humane Organic Meat Movement in Toronto

0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false A Toronto resident chicken that lives at Bathurst and Eglinton The word koshermeans “fit” — and so, when applied to food, it means “fit for eating.”  We would all

Maxie’s Garden

When we hear the word “tzedakah,” many of us think of the word “charity,” or recall placing our parents’ pocket change in jangling boxes (known as a pushke in Yiddish)  in Hebrew school or at synagogue. In fact, the word

Shmita 101

0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false On the side of a highway in southern Israel, a field of dried out sunflowers likely strikes observers, initially, as abandoned — a sprawling, desolate pasture, unattended and still

Shoresh Food Conference 2014: State of the Onion

Shoresh Food Conference 2014: State of the OnionBy Risa Alyson Cooper, as presented during the Plenary Session Good morning everyone and welcome! Welcome foodies, farmers, chefs, rabbis, students,nutritionists, bakers, and lovers of cholent! Welcome to the third annual Shoresh Food

Kavanah Garden Grand Opening Address to the Community

So, welcome to the forever home of Shoresh’s Kavanah Garden on UJA’s Lebovic Jewish Community Campus!  My name is Risa Alyson Cooper and I am the Executive Director of Shoresh Jewish Environmental Programs, the organization that founded and coordinates the

What Does Land Based Judaism Look Like?

After a few years of visioning, brainstorming and time on the land, the Bela Farm Creative Team is pleased to share the following details with you so that you can better understand the values and intentions that will inform, inspire

Shmita Reflections Inspired by the Shoresh Food Conference

Shmita Reflections Inspired by the Shoresh Food Conference By Lauren Stein The Torah mandates that every seventh year we leave the fields of Israel fallow ( This means taking a rest from the hard work of pruning, planting, and harvesting,

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