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Heritage Chickens 101

By Mira Goldstein, Youth and Family Program Coordinator For over ten years, Shoresh has been debating if 21st century meat is “fit” to eat according to both Jewish and environmental ethics. We have been seeking food choices that are aligned

Growing Food and Growing Community 

Every week, a group of inspired and empowered community members gather at the Kavanah Garden as part of our Tzedakah Garden Crew. This community is dedicated to growing food for vulnerable community members and for pollinators in need. The Shoresh

Growing to Give

The Tzedakah Garden Crew at Shoresh’s Kavanah Garden is a labour of love. Made up of Shoresh staff, volunteers and community members, the Tzedakah Garden Crew is an intentional group of members that are passionate about food justice, environmental stewardship

Our Number One Way to Save the Bees

If you know anything about Shoresh, you know we love pollinators and especially, bees. A lot. We love the pollinators so much that we’ve dedicated a lot of our programming,  events, garden spaces AND 20-acres of Bela Farm to supporting

Jewish Farmers of Ontario Unite!

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the city to live the farm dream? Do you love local food? Long drives through the country side?  If so, join us at Garlic, Goats, and Going Rural: Three Stories of Farming Through a Jewish

Saving the Bees for My Bat Mitzvah

We caught up with Dani Zeiler, a local great 8 student who has decided to share some of her Bat Mitzvah gifts with Shoresh. Dani has an awesome older sister and the most adorable fluffy dog.  Dani loves her family,

A FREE Tree for YOU!

Help us plant the urban forest!                                   Join Shoresh and the Prosserman JCC at Tree For Me, a community-powered backyard tree planting program run

Taking Jewish Education Outside

Now in it’s 3rd season, the Shoresh Outdoor School (SOS) offers a unique, meaningful and refreshing approach to Jewish education for 21st century families. As our kids spend more time sedentary and on screens then climbing trees and looking for

Spin and Stretch With Us

On Sunday February 10th, 2019, we’re joining up our friend and supporter David Newton Fitness and Wellness Careerist and Mayfair West for an awesome afternoon to Ride and Root. Here’s why you want to be there: Shvitzing is good for

Gratitude for a Sit Spot

By: Chava Tal, Shoresh Youth and Family Program Coordinater, 2018 I try to practice a sit spot everyday. Sit spots offer opportunity to slow down thoughts in a busy day, to mindfully use all of your senses, and to address

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