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Dear Shoresh

Dear Shoresh is our attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions we get from community members. Dear Shoresh,  What is the connection between Judaism and the environment? Many Jewish texts express clear and strong  environmental ethics. In the first chapter

Happy Birthday to the Trees!

    If not for the trees, human life could not exist.  Midrash Sifre (Deuteronomy) 20:19 Our ancestors understood that human life depends on trees. They understood this so deeply that they wrote about trees extensively  and created a holiday,

Reflections from a Jewish Beekeeper

By: Sabrina Malach Shoresh’s Director of Community Engagement and Resident Beekeeper at Bela Farm As the resident beekeeper at Bela Farm, I have had the great privilege and honour to collaborate with the thousands of honey bees that call Bela Farm

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