Spin and Stretch With Us

On Sunday February 10th, 2019, we’re joining up our friend and supporter David Newton Fitness and Wellness Careerist and Mayfair West for an awesome afternoon to Ride and Root.

Here’s why you want to be there:

  1. Shvitzing is good for you
  2. Stretching is great for you
  3. When you combine #1 and #2 with the intention of supporting sustainability, everyone wins (even future generations)
  4. Mayfair will take good care of you providing for all your needs (minus a water bottle)
  5. Your kids will have somewhere to play while you ride and stretch
  6. You’ll go home with a delicious, nutrtient-dense dinner by Bioraw and an awesome gift bag
  7. You’ll step more deeply into the present moment by cultivating midfulness and appreciation for the natural world
  8. Make new friends and connect to a community that shares your values of health, wellness and sustainability
  9. You’ll get to work out with one of Toronto’s most beloved and inspiring fitness instructors
  10. 100% of your proceeds go towards Shoresh, your local environmental organization working to deepen our connection to the natural world so we can take better care of it.


Only 34 spots available! For more information and to register, click here.

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