Shoresh goes to City Hall

Shoresh staff were invited to a Council Chambers meeting this morning by Councillor James Pasternak. Councillor Pasternak acknowledged the important work that we are doing in the community and congratulated us on being awarded an Earth Day Canada Environment Grant.
Sabrina Malach, Risa Alyson Cooper and Councillor James Pasternak
Today was a fascinating day to be at City Hall as City Councillors reviewed what core services would be cut later in the day. There were moments of tension and heated debate and it was very clear that the day’s decisions would be difficult.

With the Toronto Environment Office and Riverdale Farm being on the cutting block, it is important for us to re-examine our relationship to the political process and become active citizens in the political process. At the very least, we should be conscious of the fact that policy affects food security. Regardless of where you stand on the spectrum, we invite you to take a moment to VOTE on Food and Farming here.
Shana tova! May it be good and sweet.

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