Garden Tour :: Growing in Many Ways

You might think that the plants do all the growing in a garden. And you might also think that gardens are limited to their borders. But that is not entirely true. Gardens grow, on so many levels, both plants, and the physical spaces. Our garden has grown exponentially from when we first started. It began with a greenhouse… going UP! And now the garden is moving up in different areas as well. Come take a tour of how our garden is growing… and not just the plants!

Growing Linearly

What could this be?

A Magen David/ Star of David garden bed!!

Growing in wonky lines of bricks that outline some of our beds.

Growing in Roundabout Ways

Our outdoor classroom.

Rescued bicycle wheels for our cucumbers to climb!

The bottoms of these pots had been broken, which was perfect for us! Now water can drain.

Growing in the traditional garden sense

Growing bigger each week… our tomatoes in the greenhouse were deemed too small for planting outdoors yet. You’ll be ready soon little tomato plants!

Endless fields of wildflowers are just blooming, in every direction!

The rubarb is doing great!

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