Shoresh Food Conference

Kosher? Local? Organic? Oy Vey!

Feed your curiosity and join local rabbis, farmers, foodies, activists, students for a full-day conference as we broadly and deeply explore the intersections between Jewish tradition and contemporary food issues.

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FEBRUARY 8, 2016!


How to Make a Sustainable Shabbat Dinner
Andi Yumansky, Founder and Head Chef of Conscious Kosher Catering
It takes a little WORK to create a meaningful day of REST! Learn how to make your Shabbat dinner table more sustainable!  This session will explore how we prepare, consume, and dispose of materials relating to Shabbat, including candles, challah, wine, grains, and meats and vegetarian alternatives.

Jewish Farmers of Ontario
Dr. Jack Lipinsky and Professor Andrea Most
Can the people of the book be the people of the field?  Join professors Jack Lipinsky and Andrea Most for a look at the Jewish farming communities of Ontario from past to present.  

From Field to Fork: Raising Animals for Consumption
Yacov Fruchter, Spiritual Leader of the Annex Shul and Darlene Litman, humane chicken expert and advocate
What does Judaism say about how we raise animals for meat consumption? Join us to explore contemporary ethics of raising and slaughtering meat, Jewish perspectives on animal cruelty and dietary restrictions, and how local economics and policies influence our ability to access ethical, organic, kosher meat.

Sustainable Schmear: Kosher Cheese-Making Workshop
David Rotsztain, organic farmer, goatherd and farmstead cheese-maker from BC
A bagel without cream cheese is like a cow without an udder!  Join David Rotsztain, farmer and cheesemaker, to learn how to make (and taste!) a basic kosher cheese in your own home!  This fresh cheese, known as cream cheese in English, lavanah in Hebrew, and leben in Arabic is a cheese without borders! 

As Local as it Gets: Growing in Small Spaces
Aron Pamensky, Student at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition and Designer at Architects
Join this Do-it-yourself, fun and insightful workshop on vertical gardening, simple windowsill salads, sprouting and more. Find out what the Torah and Talmud say about growing your own food and its effects on your health and tikkun olam. Peas and Lovage.

Not So Many Fish in the Sea
Rabbi Ilyse Glickman, Spiritual Leader and Director of Education of Am Shalom Synagogue in Barrie, Ontario and Dan Donovan from Hooked, the Knowledgeable Fish Store
From gefilte fish to lox to tuna on a bagel, fish are integral to Jewish food traditions. Many of the species that we love to eat are in serious trouble due to overfishing and climate change. How can Jewish principles inform how we make decisions about what fish to eat?

Shnat Shmitta: A Shabbat for the Land
Aaron Levy, Founding Rabbi and Director, Makom Creative Downtown Judaism
We get Shabbat, a day of rest, every 7 days. Did you know that the land gets Shmitta, a year of rest, every 7 years?! Next Rosh Hashanah begins the next shmitta cycle! How do we understand this period of rest and rebalance in a contemporary Canadian context? This session will explore traditional texts around shmitta and how the application of both can help us live more sustainably.

Eating As Tikun
Aharona Gans
Eating is a much broader act than just chewing and swallowing food. Our sages teach us that eating can be understood as a physical, emotional and spiritual process of consuming, processing, digesting and transforming. The Torah suggests that the downfall, brokenness, or struggles of humanity began with a simple act of eating without proper intention, in the Garden of Eden. It is thus by reorienting our intentions in eating that we begin a path of Tikun, or fixing that which is broken in ourselves and in the world.

Fermentation and Microbiology
Zoey Shamai, founder of Tonica Kambucha
We are always kvetching about our digestive problems!  Join Zoey Shamai as she illuminates the benefits of a delicious and ancient probiotic beverage – kombucha.  Zoey will teach participants how to make their own kombucha at home through a step by step demonstration. Do-it-yourself kits will be available to purchase at the end of the class.

The Exile of the Jewish Body: Reawakening What is Inherently Organic in Our Tradition
Kinneret Dubowitz, Yoga Teacher and Dance Therapist, founder of Kinneret Yoga International Training for Women
Join Kinneret for a conversation and movement-based exploration of breath, gesture and the kinaesthetic experience in Jewish tradition.  Inspired by the role of exercise discussed by Rav Kook, we will look at the history of the “Jewish body” as it relates to Jewish exile from the land, and an agricultural lifestyle.

Canola, Corn, Soy…OY! A Multi-Faith and Multi-Sector Response to Genetically Modified Foods
Shari Golberg, (PhD), Founder, Shema & Iqra’: The Jewish-Muslim Text-Project,
Jordan Helfman, Assistant Rabbi,Holy Blossom Temple, Ziyaad Mia, Lawyer and Adjunct Professor at Osgoode Law School, Lucy Sharratt, Co-ordinator, Canadian Biotechnology Action Network,
Catherine Wright, PhD candidate in Christian Ethics at Regis College
GMOs are in many of the foods we eat. Do our religious traditions have anything to say about GMOs? How do we respond to them? Exploring religious dietary restrictions, laws, ethics and environmental values we will hear diverse perspectives on GMOs. This panel includes Christian, Muslim, Jewish and Biotechnical perspectives.

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