Bring a Shoresh speaker to your school, synagogue, home, or community centre to share deep insights into the intersection between Judaism and the environment and how we can be responsible stewards of the natural world.


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker to inform and motivate your audience about Jewish environmental ethics and how we as a community can become Shomrei Adamah, protectors of the earth?  Shoresh speakers are available for presentations ranging from 10-60 minutes, that weave together Jewish texts and teachings, personal stories, and opportunities for action.  Presentations can be tailored to a variety of audiences such as students, educators, congregants, community groups, service clubs, businesses/corporations, student leadership committees, and non-profit organizations.

Topics include:

  • Jewish Environmentalism 101
  • Jewish Community Farming: Past, Present, and Future
  • Jewish Food for Thought
  • Honey and Jewish Beekeeping
  • Contemporary Kashrut
  • Shmitah
  • Blessings: The Jewish Art of Gratitude
  • Jewish Agricultural Law 101
  • Migrash: Sustainable Design in Biblical Times
  • Bereshit: Roots of Contemporary Jewish Environmental Ethics
  • Lo Tashchit: Judaism and the Art of Waste Reduction
  • Gender, Land, and Spirit: Women and Contemporary Jewish Farming


For availability and speaker fees, please e-mail or call 416-805-8382.



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