Leadership Training

At Shoresh we offer leadership training sessions in Jewish environmental literacy so you can bring Shoresh curriculum and activities to your institution.


Shoresh offers an annual intensive training in Jewish Environmental Education in May. The training weaves together text-based Jewish learning, organic gardening skills, and Shoresh’s award winning hands-on activities.  The training is open to all educators, and is ideal for camp staff, day school or congregational teachers, or anyone interested in exploring how to make Jewish environmental education fun, engaging, and relevant. All participants receive source sheets, gardening resources, and curriculum write-ups. Both one-day and three-day options available.

For more information, or to register, please e-mail or call 416-805-8382.


Interested in bringing Jewish environmental education into your school, synagogue, camp or institution?  Hire a Shoresh educator to run a creative and engaging workshop for your teachers, counselors and educators!  Each workshop highlights Judaism’s rich ecological teachings while equipping participants with the resources and activities needed to easily weave Jewish environmentalism into school, synagogue or camp programming.  Work with a Shoresh educator to create a professional development workshop unique to your institution or select from one of the following workshops:

Jewish Environmental Learning 101
Judaism is rich in texts and teachings that encourage and demand us to adopt a strong environmental ethic.  In this workshop, participants will study the core sources that frame the Jewish environmental movement while learning fun and hands-on activities to introduce these teachings into their school/classroom.

Jewish Garden-Based Learning 101
The Garden of Eden was the first outdoor classroom!  Learn how to set up, maintain, and harvest your organic garden (whether it be a few planted containers or a ½ acre field) while practicing and modeling Jewish agricultural laws and environmental ethics.  Participants will take away organic gardening resources as well as numerous experiential program and activity ideas to actively engage their students in Jewish garden-based learning.

For more information, or to hire a Shoresh educator, please e-mail or call 416-805-8382.

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