Bela Farm Grand Opening

Bela Farm Grand Opening Opening Remarks by Risa Alyson Cooper Sunday, June 26, 2016 B’ruchim ha’baim.  Welcome friends.  My name is Risa Alyson Cooper, I am one of the Directors of Shoresh, and it is my deep honour and privilege

If You Plant It, They Will Come

Shoresh’s favourite word is “wow” and one of our all-time-favourite sources of wonder and wow is the process of pollination. Watching a bee fly from flower to flower seeking nectar and pollen while inadvertantly spreading pollen from one flower to

Connecting Tzedakah, Tikkun Olam & Indigenous Solidarity

Thank you to our guest bloggers, Sterling Stutz and Emily Green for writing this important post and doing the work to to support Indigenous land defence and self-determination in Canada. As you walk through the city streets of Toronto do you ever

The Shoresh Socialite: Dr. Michael Schecter

We spoke with our dear friend, biological dentist and former Chairman of the Shoresh board, Michael Schecter from Schecter Dental to learn about the unique and inspiring ways that he connects his medical, Jewish and environmental ethics and why he’s a

Sweeten Your Mishloach Manot With a Taste of Bela Farm

On Purim, we rejoice through recounting  Esther and Mordechai’s triumph over wicked Haman, drinking, wearing masks, and partying. We also give back to our community thorough mishloach manot, gifts of food to family and friends. To fulfill the mitzvah of mishloach manot, every Jewish

The Shoresh Socialite: Leah Koenig

We caught up with Leah Koenig, food writer and cookbook author to talk about the evolution of the New Jewish Food Movement, why Jewish foodies need to become environmentalists and why food justice is a Jewish idea. You were a

What We Grow

Reena Polaroid

Seeds Yiddish: Zoymen Hebrew: זרעים And God said: “Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree that has seed-yielding fruit — to you it shall be for

The Shoresh Socialite: Anthony Rose

Shoresh loves chef/restaurateur/yogi  Anthony Rose and all the amazing contributions he’s made to nurturing Jewish food culture in Toronto. We first met him at Beyond Bubbie, an event we co-organized with the Ontario Jewish Archives and the Miles Nadal JCC to

Life with Bees-March

  To help develop and nurture your inner WOW Shoresh will be sharing seasonal tidbits about the lives of our honey bees and what they’re up to at Bela Farm. What do Bela’s Bees do in March? Imagine spending a

Dear Shoresh

Dear Shoresh is our attempt to answer the most frequently asked questions we get from community members. Dear Shoresh,  What is the connection between Judaism and the environment? Many Jewish texts express clear and strong  environmental ethics. In the first chapter

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