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Shoresh Events: 2017 Yom Manual Labour #1 and #2 Many hands make for a lighter load and a more productive garden! Join us as we set up the Kavanah Garden for the 2017 growing season. Activities include turning the soil, construction

Bela’s Roots

Bela's Roots

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Since 2012 we have been offering hands-on Jewish garden programming at Baycrest.  Workshops include planting, weeding, watering, making herbal teas and preparing pickles!  In 2014, in addition to running our regular, bi-weekly gardening programs at the Moutainview Day Centre we helped

Why I Eat Local

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RYAN STORM: SAVING THE BEES FROM THE BIMA He’s only in high school, but Ryan Storm has already done so much incredible work to promote clean, sustainable eating and help preserve the environment. On his blog, Ry’s Ratings, he posts


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Community members have shared some really kind words about Shoresh and our programs!  Here are some of the smiley notes we have received: ABOUT KAVANAH GARDEN PROGRAMS “The Kavanah Garden is a place that brings the words of Torah to

Chanukah and Energy Conservation

By guest blogger, Zachary Sadowski December 3, 2014 The holiday of Chanukah is intrinsically linked to the idea of energy consumption and conservation. Everyone knows the basic idea of the story: many, many years ago a jug of oil thought

Moving Forward with the Kosher Humane Organic Meat Movement in Toronto


A Toronto resident chicken that lives at Bathurst and Eglinton The word koshermeans “fit” — and so, when applied to food, it means “fit for eating.”  We would all love to believe that kashrut comprises the highest set of standards

Maxie’s Garden

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When we hear the word “tzedakah,” many of us think of the word “charity,” or recall placing our parents’ pocket change in jangling boxes (known as a pushke in Yiddish)  in Hebrew school or at synagogue. In fact, the word

Shmita 101


On the side of a highway in southern Israel, a field of dried out sunflowers likely strikes observers, initially, as abandoned — a sprawling, desolate pasture, unattended and still except for the inaudible decay of the remaining brown blooms. Before

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